Monday, July 14, 2008

Polygyny via youtube

Kindly view both footages and leave your comments



Critical Thinker said...

If women did not want polygamy, they should have stopped the feminist movement. The churches should have stepped up to the plate and stopped it in its tracks. They had plenty of scriptural support from the chief male chauvinist Paul the Apostle. From a Jewish perspective, and biblical perspective, Islam is here to chastise Jews and Christians alike for the cardinal sin of stepping outside the creative order of wives submitting to their husbands. Most husbands who are righteous are not going to go looking for another typically, if their first wives are remaining appealing to them, are respecting them, and are allowing them to guide the home properly without restraint or hindrance from a wayward wife. Polygamy is on the rise because subconsciously, men "know" intrinsically they they have been robbed of the headship of their homes, and polygamy is the only way to "equalize" the deadlock of power in the home. It is true that women suffer in polygamy? Yes, I suspect so, but it is also true that women suffer in many monogamous marriages also. But one thing I am certain of is that men are tired of suffering under the domination and power-disenfranchisement of the Western and especially the American home. Ladies, if you want polygamy to recede, give up your control of the home, and cede it to your husband without complaint or reservation. For those interested in what the bible has to say about the latter day prophetic implications of polygamy, read Isaiah chapter 3, and then continue on to chapter 4:1,2. In this you will see Western society, America as she is now, and how YHWH will deal with this problem, and the ultimate solution of this in Isaiah 4:1,2.

Mumina said...

In the second video, one of the sisters made a mistake in saying that the wife's permission needed to be sought for a man to take another wife. But I think she may have been thinking along the lines that it would be PROPER to inform the wife and not hide it from her.

Allah has the infinite Wisdom. I have a lot of my own personal feelings swayed by my emotions about polygyny being allowed, but Allahu alim. Like the brother said, Allah would not allow something if it brings MORE harm than good. And as Muslims we know that Allah knows best. The sisters in the video said it - if the sunnah is being followed properly, then things will fall into place. THIS is where the problem lies. On the part of the men, and also on the women sometimes, having the incorrect ideals about marriage being all about looove and romance and happiness. No, marriage is about rights-for-rights and iman. That's why I say if I ever marry again, it will be into polygyny because men do not love!!!! Well, maybe for the sake of Allah, and they care and have lust, but LOVE is what the women feel.

Caminante said...

"That's why I say if I ever marry again, it will be into polygyny because men do not love!!!! Well, maybe for the sake of Allah, and they care and have lust, but LOVE is what the women feel."

Assalamu `alaykum sister,
I know this is not your blog (sorry for hijacking!) but it makes me sad seeing you so bitter.

Sis, do not be fooled. There are MANY, many righteous, loving, romantic, amazing men out (like my hubby!).
Righteous men, who are not selfish and it's all about "them", "them", "them" DO love and give themselves immensely. Righteous men would never dare hurt their wives because of their "whims".

Insha'Allah after you heal, Allah swt will shower you with blessings and present you with a brother that deserves you. Just beware that lots do the talk (ie. have the beard, thoub, hate the "kuffar"), but few do the walk (are truly righteous and selfless in their hearts).

Much love sister!

PM said...

Salaam Alaikum,

Are you married yet?

Hope you are well and happy. Update us soon, ok?


3rd... said...

gr8tful, what's up? where have you been lately?

Anonymous said...

if a man is not able to truly love his wife he doesnt love God also!

Anonymous said...

a man cant marry another without ask permision! what is the respect on it?