Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime is finally here

Salaams to each and every one of you reading my overdue blog entry!

I've had so much time to reflect, stress and give Allah(swt) thanks that my blog went without being maintained and for this I apologize.
After spending time offline and interacting with sisters who were solely married to their Husbands to those who have co-wives; I've enjoyed the various point of views which were candidly shared with me.

I, no longer feel as if I have to feel as if I am valued less then my co-wife solely due to the fact that she married our husband 1st, it isn't a title, is what happened and I am so thankful that I've been able to see past a title; mind you a title that many of us sisters use to have some sort of anarchy which is such silly in my opinion.

None the less myself and my co-wife have been talking to one another quite frequently and we've have had the opportunity to express our feelings and frustrations with one another, she nor I held anything back and it FELT SO GOOD!!

We've both come to the realization that it is no more my role to remind her that I am his Wife via 2nd marriage then it is hers to remind of the same only via 1st marriage, it isn't to be used to hurt one another or basically won't be used as such any longer.

I've started up a nice lil home business which has afforded me the chance to meet other sisters locally and to vent freely which has been really nice.

It really feels as if we've been married for longer then just 7 months, time certainly flies.

To all I wish you well, feel free to continue to post your thoughts..good and otherwise..

May Allah(swt) guide us all

Sunday, January 25, 2009

STILL gr8ful!

So sorry to all of my Sisters in Islam, I have been away for far too long and should have kept in touch but wasn't able to..since my vanishing act I've noticed that many fellow bloggers have also either created new accounts or have chosen to stay away from blogging and to be honest I do not blame them entirely.

Alhamdulillah I have made it to 2009 not only as a muslimah but most importantly as a Mother and newly married Wife..yep thats right I have become a Wife and it feels so right!

I had to take sometime to go offline to gather my thoughts and to strengthen my Deen.