Monday, May 26, 2008

Polygynous Blessings

WOW, I cannot believe how lucky I have become in regards to informing myself and finding others who have experienced a more positive experience via Polygyny!!

I must admit at first I was very discouraged when reading all of the posted opinions found on various websites because as much as I respected their P.O.V's, a good percentage seemed to be of a negative standpoint and I guess I was/am more looking for somewhat of a balance of both the good and not so good.

Not sure where I found this Sisters Blog website initially; I do feel it was from a e-group that I joined on the net, her username was similar and peaked my interest and so therefore I proceeded to learn more about her and why she kept such a positive outlook re: Polygyny(and to be honest I am still reading up about her and her experience BUT I just HAD to write this entry to share with others).

The Sister and Author is named Aneesa Azeez, the book is titled "POLYGYNOUS BLESSINGS" and she has put into (published) words something that many of us Sisters also feel(and I am sayin this solely from reading the preface, thats amazing).

Personally I am looking forward to placing my order and reading this book not only to myself but also to my Husband-to-be to add and also aide to our discussions about the subject.
-(Please note that you can click on the blue link above to purchase either the e-book or hardcover edition of this book).

Honestly I wish there was some sort of website/chatroom where I could freely converse with fellow Sisters on a more frequent basis, but for now this will do and I remain thankful...but in case YOU are reading this and know of some more websites that are worthy then by all means send them my way and I will be sure to research and look into it ASAP!

If anybody(sisters and brothers alike) has read this book please comment on my blog entry and share your opinions as I am looking forward to reading your responses.


UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

Ok so I came by to check you out...I am friends with the author Alhumdullilah...she is actually helping me currently deal with all of the up and downs associated with Polygyny.....My suggestion to you is to just remember no matter how ready you feel you are you are not ready. Not sure if you will ever be readu this is a HUGE step. I entered polygyny not knowing...some sisters enter knowingly and it is still is a mess of emotions you did not even think you had. It can be a BIG blessing to have a cowife who is welcoming and kind(mine is) and Insha'Allah yours is too...I have not read your whole blog yet...I would also suggest that you do what you feel is right...some people want to be friends with thier CW and some don't take every advice including mine with a grain of salt and do what works for you. I have yet to find a sytem that works for me and that is why I have enlisted the help of my friends...Insha'Allah Allah makes things easy for you...

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

GIRL she doesnt know about you??????? Don't let that happen because it will cause ALOT of Fitna in your relationship...CW and I have gotten over that part but it took 6 years....and it was not to him about it and tell him you want to talk to her. She may not accept you but she at least needs to know that you are there and a part of his life too....

*C* said...

I have a blog about my polygamous family.
Thought I'd mention it since you're looking for that kind of thing.

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

BTW *c* is very cool too...she is not muslim and her realtionship with her CW is wonderful and one day I hope to be that close to my CW Insha'Allah