Thursday, June 12, 2008


..if I take a bit to approve your is not intentional at all...but rather I prefer to have my private time away from my family and children when typing and it does not always happen at the same time.

NEXT..I appreciate the comments deeply and wouldn't take such a great offense to anything written to the point that I will not isn't about lollipops and gumdrops and I get that not everybody will come down softly on me..I am thickening up my

Since I am still VERY new to blogging..I am not sure if I should be posting all comments sent to me as I feel that some of them are only for my eyes SOOOO if you do not see your comment posted and want it to be..just please let me know as I do not erase any of them..just slightly hesitant.

Overall this has proven to be a positive outlet as I found it almost impossible to enter into my community and expect such open and candid dialog.

So once again many thanks!!


Anonymous said...

feel free to post my

gr8fultohimswt said...

Thanks so much!!

I am sooo overwhelmed*but in a good way* with all of the's like FINALLY someone other then myself can relate to where I am coming from..